Landing a Job in Academia: What to Expect During the Interview Process

Resources:  “The New 教师 Member” by Boice; UGA Office of Instructional Support and Development; Dr. Kim Oliver(凯时kb88官方网址),凯时kb88官方网址RLS博士研究生. 詹妮弗·汉森(俄亥俄大学)


a. 研究与. 教学
b. 专业模式/哲学
c. 社区(城市和. 乡村、地理位置、气候等.)
d. Working environment (size of 教师, mentoring vs. “别打扰我,让我做我的工作”)
e. 期望薪资(市场价值?)


a. 保持你的耳朵贴近地面.g.全国会议)
b. 订阅专业listerv.g.SPRENET)
c. Frequent professional websites that promote job advertisement
d. Frequent the Chronicle of Higher 教育 website (www.纪事报.com.)你可以免费查看职位公告(晚1周)
e. 经常阅读专业杂志和时事通讯
f. 与同事和同辈交谈


a. Create a file for each job opening and document where, when, and to whom you sent materials
b. Print a copy of the job description posted by the institution (note deadlines and needs)
c. Collect transcripts from all your institutions (official or unofficial?)
d. Create a list of individuals who might consider writing letters of recommendation
e. Individuals who can attest to your ability to do research, 教学, and service
f. Create a cover letter that addresses the needs of the institution (from the job posting) convince the reader why you are a good fit and vice versa
e. 申请人可要求下列条件:
1. 求职信/求职信
2. 成绩单
3. 研究议程
4. 教学理念
5. 3 or 4 letters or recommendation or a listing of references
6. 教学组合
7. 的教学视频
g. 准备招聘启事中所述的所有文件
h. Contact individuals writing letters of recommendation at least three weeks of deadline


a. Notification of receipt of  applications (did they receive all requested materials?)
b. 平权行动(AA)信息
c. 放松和等待
d. A letter most likely is not good news; 遴选委员会 chair will most likely contact
e. 你打电话来安排一次面试
f. Things you should ask before arranging the interview:
1. 多长时间? (1、2、3天)
2. 你要送什么礼物? (研究,授课,两者皆有)
3. 你应该预先支付多少钱?
4. 你要做多长时间的演讲/教学?
5. What type of technology will be available for presentations?


a. Visit the departmental website to gather the following information:
3. 组织,项目规模
b. Prepare your professional portfolio (hard copy/electronic versions?)
1. provide committee modified portfolio in advance of interview
c. 准备好问题列表
1. 遴选委员会
2. 部门主管
3. 教师
4. 学生(毕业生/凯时官网生)
5. 迪安
d. 准备和练习演讲/讲座
1. prepare multiple formats (Power Point, www, overheads)
e. Prepare an informal 1, 3, and 5 minute explanation of the dissertation


a. Don’t check your presentation, laptop, or other essentials in luggage
b. Buy a local newspaper and campus student paper to know the present issues
c. 在校园和社区
d. Pick up apartment rental and housing advertisements to get a sense as to housing
e. 选择和当地的生活水平
f. Remember, the interview begins  the moment you depart the plane
e. The interview is always jam-packed and exhausting, so take time for yourself
g. 请务必做到以下几点:
1. Visit the library and request the campus salary survey to know the salary
2. 部门范围
3. Visit with undergrads and grads (they are brutally honest)
4. 了解图书馆资源
5. Observe a class to assess (learning environment, quality of students, etc.)
6. Talk to Assistant Professors about departmental support for promotion and
7. 任期内
i.  不要把自己困在一次不愉快中, know what the department needs and focus your strengths toward departmental needs
j. 做你自己
h.Be complimentary of current/former 教师/mentors
i. Ask questions of everyone, remember that you are interviewing the institution as well
j. 保留所有收据
k. 时间表通常包括:
1. 与搜寻委员会会面
2. 与个别教员会面
3. 与师生共进午餐/晚餐
4. 会见院长(s)
5. 与部门主管会面
6. 校园之旅
7. 与房地产经纪人会面,了解社区


b. When was the last time the 教师 got together socially? 共同掌权?
c. 解释学校的资金来源.
d. 教师的稳定性是什么? 人离开? 增加/减少数量?
e. Explain the tenure and promotion process here at ____________.
f. What type of management style does the 部门主管 use? 什么样的领导者
g. 的部门主管?
h. 指导资源?
i. How flexible is the 教学 schedule to permit large amounts of free time for writing?
j. 电脑升级(周期性?,你愿意承担前教员周期吗)
k. 移动费用?
l. 要有耐心!!!!!!


a. 谈判的一切:
1. 有竞争力的薪水
2. Everything you need to start your research agenda (video recorders, 音频录音机, 翻译员, 计算机程序)
3. 教学负荷和课程(把它写下来!!!!!!)
4. 教学所需的任何东西(液晶显示器等)
5. 电脑(台式机和笔记本电脑)
6. 教学/研究助理(每周10-20小时)
7. 夏天的教学? 做研究的暑期工资?
8. 移动费用
9. 旅行的钱
b. Don’t say “yes” immediately, but let them know when you expect to make a decision
c. Provisions for not completing dissertation (even if remote possibility)


a. 做好准备
b. Don’t let it be personal, you need to be yourself and know that there are many things
c. Beyond your control that often determine who is hired
d. 保留所有选项
e. STOP THE MADNESS (realize that you will make no progress on your dissertation during the interview process, 所以试着“概括”这两者)
f. Don’t apply to jobs you know you won’t be happy in but apply to as many you consider worthwhile
e. Don’t be afraid to stall if you are awaiting another University (1-2 weeks is typically acceptable)
f. Make sure you will be happy with working at a University.  You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.
g. Find some time to visit the library on campus and ask to view the 教师 Salary Document. This document will provide you a range of what individuals in your department are paid and give you realistic expectations of what to expect if an offer is made.

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