The Office of Student Affairs is the home for academic advising and issues related to the undergraduate experience for students majoring in Political Science or 国际事务中. 凯时官网帮助继续, 新, prospective students understand our programs and learning opportunities; connect students with 凯时官网 academic departments, 中心, student organizations; and promote intellectual and professional engagement with public affairs, 职业准备, 和经验学习.

Academic Advising: How to Get Advised in 凯时官网

Academic advising is required at the 凯时kb88官方网址 each term before a student can register for classes. In 凯时官网, academic advising is provided by appointment with the student’s assigned advisor.  学生 must schedule advising appointments online through 圣人 to meet with their advisor each term and be cleared for registration. 在约会期间, students and advisors will review the student’s academic progress and discuss course options for the remaining degree requirements. 学生 are also encouraged to track their programs of study independently with the help of 学位工作. After the student has been advised, the advisor will remove the student’s advising hold in 雅典娜, the UGA online class registration system, so that the student may register for classes each semester.

关于约会, or any other element of the advising system, may be directed to the Advising Office at .

Advising appointments are available throughout the term and begin every fall after Labor Day and every spring after the Martin Luther King holiday.

Advising appointments will be primarily remote via 变焦 2021年秋天. If a student requires an in-person appointment, they should call the Advising Office from 10 a.m. 2 p.m. Monday through Friday to arrange an appointment.

办公时间:跟进 & 其他问题

For follow-up questions related to advising or other issues (study abroad, 实习, 探索学生, 等.), advisors are available from 1 2 p.m. Monday through Friday throughout the term. These times are not intended as substitutes for advising appointments or for lifting advising holds which require a formal advising appointment, but as follow-ups to scheduled appointments or to assist with other academic questions.

Meetings during open office hours (or “walk-ins”) will continue to be fully remote during fall 2021 via 放大会议ID 91656340404.

未来的 & 凯时官网的新同学们

未来的高中生, 转学, current UGA students interested in majoring in Political Science or 国际事务中 are welcome to attend open office hours (via zoom during fall 2021) or call the advising office for more information. Our advisors are available to all UGA students with questions about 专业, 未成年人, 证书项目.

Currently enrolled UGA students may declare a major in 凯时官网 at any time via 雅典娜 by selecting the “Student” tab, then the “My Programs” tab.  Always add the major you want first before deleting any programs from your records.  未成年人 and 证书项目 may be added in the same location in 雅典娜. Once the 凯时官网 major is added, the student’s 凯时官网 advisor will contact them via e-mail.

学生 experiencing any problems or issues accessing 雅典娜 or making adjustments to their academic programs should call the Office of the Registrar at .

凯时官网 encourages prospective students interested in majoring in Political Science or 国际事务中 at UGA to mark their intention on the application for admission.

New and prospective students should never hesitate to reach out to the 凯时官网 Advising office for help: or

Please note: 凯时官网 does not require special application to any of its 专业. Any UGA student may declare a 凯时官网 major at any time by simply following the required steps in 雅典娜.

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